Non Personalised Products Purchased as Seen

Select the Product(s) you want to Purchase, Add to the Cart and Proceed to the Checkout to make your Purchase. 

Non Personalised Products generally arrive quicker than the Delivery timescale shown against the Delivery Options.

Standard Text Only Printing

If you require standard Text Print in our Standard  print options you do not need to request a quote, you can simply hit the personalise button once you select the garment, size, colour and quantity. Then you select " Text Print " in Step 2 You will be Requested to Choose Print Location, In the Comments Box leave the Text to be Printed and your chosen colour text ( One Colour Text Only ) If you require more than one colour print please use the logo quotation method, In the Final Step Click the save and you'll see the request on the right of the screen, Next step is to add the item to the cart, checkout and pay using paypal, You do not need a paypal account to be able to puurchase, you can simply pay via paypal as a guest.

Premium Colours Prints and Logos

For this requirement we require you to use the personalised button feature when you select the product, when the pop up box appears please upload the logo, choose the print location and click save, then add the item(s) to the cart, click add to cart and proceed to the checkout. Please Note you will have to add your details but at no point will payment be required, fill out the information and then click Request Quote, you'll get a quotation reference on the screen, we will then view the request and reply to you with a quotation.

Design Proofs for Custom Printed Clothing

All Personalised Clothing Purchases will have a design proof emailed to you the customer upon request of your order within 24hrs of ordering, Usually within the hour if ordering between 9am – 5pm Mon to Fri and 9am -2pm Sat & Sun. If you want to speed up the Production Process and If you don't require a design proof and you want us to go ahead and proceed the order please simply leave a note in the comments section.

When we receive your order we will note the text details to be printed, the Size & Colour of the garment and the print positioning and Colour. Then a design visual proof will be emailed to you if we are in any doubt of your requirements, usually in PDF format and to the email address used with your order.

We’ll ask you to view the proof and email us a reply stating you are happy for us to go ahead with the production. If any changes are required we will email back with a revised proof for you to accept.

We make the design proofs as real as possible but note a slight size and colour difference of the garment and print can sometimes happen depending on your monitor settings when viewing the proof.

Design Templates

Often clients have no logos and ask if we have any basic set-up templates we can use for them, The answer is Yes we do

We have template set-ups on file that can be used for your sports club, event or company workwear, From Laurels, Golf Symbols, Footballers, Shields and Crests to Nuts, Bolts, Spanners and Trees we can make a logo or club crest to suit. The cost of this process works the same as the cost for a logo set-up, we price accordingly depending on the level of detail/work required.


Font Options

We have over 2000 available, Unless otherwise stated we will select the best font for your requirements, some of the most common font types are shown below.

Arial Bold – Good for all needs

Impact – A Bold type font, great for company names or stag nights

BD Cartoon Shout – A Great Choice for Fun Kids Clothing, Stag & Hen T-Shirts and Events

All Star – Good for Short Bold Names, Initials and Numbers, A College style of font. This font is not suitable for long words or company names.

Pacifico Reg – Good choice for Stag & Hen T-Shirts but for short words due to it’s style.

Fiolex Girls – Perfect for Hen Nights and All Female T-Shirt Designs, All features built in Love Hearts

Times New Roman – Classic Headline Newspaper type of font, good for  short Company Names and those looking for a more formal type of font.

Comic Sans – This font is suitable for kids events and ladies hen night t-shirts, a well known font that does have that Marmite approach, some love it, some hate it and it can be laughed by the PC/Web Design Companies.

Planet Benson Two – A Graffiti style of font, suitable for Stag & Hen T-Shirts that require short words and not long sentences. We do not recommend this font for Company Workwear unless you are a graffiti artist!

Note: Unless otherwise stated we will always use th best font to suit your requirements, product and the industry it will be used in.


Standard Print Colours

Below is the standard print colours available, the prices shown on the website are for One Print Colour Only. Additional Charge will apply for a Multi Colour Print or Premium Print Colours

Other Print Colours are Available both Plain Solid Colours, Glitter, Zebra, Rainbow and Many More. They are Premium Print Colours and Additional Charges will apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Bulk Discounts?

Certainly, on the website you'll notice the single price, pack price and the carton rate, the more you buy the lower the price, we also give reduced rates on the cost of Personalisation also

Why is White or Black Text Print Free for the Breast Areas but not other Colours? 

White and Black Print is the most Common requested print colour, we therefore buy the print materials in bulk and pass that saving onto our customers, therefore for the price of the item we offer the breast print location as a free option on selected clothing in White or Black Print and a small additional charge for other print colours.

Can you Print Logos?

Yes we can, depending on the amount of colours used and the quality of artwork provided. It's important that your logo has been designed professionally and to a print standard of 300dpi or greater. We'll always check this for you.

What is the Charge for Logo Printing?

Logos come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, it really does depend on your logo, For example if your logo has 3 colours it will cost more than a logo with two colours. Once we check the quality of your logo adjustments might be needed to make it useable and printer friendly, this service does come with additional charges also known as a one off set-up charge

Can I purchase Items without Print?

You certainly can, all the items on this website can be pruchased plain and you just need to click the add to cart button, Please note that the prices on display are for the garment undecorated so the price to see is what you pay.

Do you offer Click and Collect?

I'm afriad not due to Health and Safety Restrictions in and around the Print Unit, We are an Industrial Printing Company from a Unit and not a High Street Shop so our Insurance Laws are Different.

Our Delivery Charges start from £4.99

Do you require a Minimum Order Amount?

No, you can purchase a single item or a carton for both plain and personalised orders.

Can we Request Free Samples?

I'm afraid we don't offer Free Samples, we have a Minimum order of just one so if your looking to buy in bulk then you can always purchase a single item first, we will keep the print set-up on file for additional orders or if you want to purchase the item plain to test the material quality feel free to do so.


Have any additional questions? Drop us an email or call us on 0844 664 6029


At Cristyle Clothing we specialise in Workwear for Tradesman looking for easy simple solutions when it comes to workwear, we select the best workwear brands that cover all industries. You'll notice options to add simple customised text to T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Jackets and More.

Not only does personalised workwear give you a more professional look it also is a cost effective way of advertising your company.

If you don't find what your looking for please get in conact because we can source most brands, product types and styles.

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Workwear Clothing

 Industrial Type Workwear from Cargo Trousers, Safety Boots and Bomber Jackets, Popular choice for Tradesman

 Provides High Quality Workwear, you'll find Safety workwear, Safety Footwear, Gloves and PPE protects people all over the world in diverse industries such as oil and gas, welding, mining, agriculture, transport, chemical, construction, warehousing, manufacturing and much more

 One of the biggest suppliers of Clothing in World, Fruit of the Loom is one of the most chosen brands we stock. You'll find just about everything but a popular range among tradesman is the FOTL Super Premium T-Shirt SS044 it's the best in the range, washes and last well and looks great when printed with company names. It's why many of our customers come back year after year to select this t-shirt and brand.